Burt Reynolds is dead at 82 after heart attack

According to Mockachiod Megastar, his agent Todd Ishinar died on Thursday

An iconic Hollywood sex symbol in front of the camera, Reynolds tried her behind in her direction, and subsequently earned public fame after the establishment of the Brent Reynolds Institute for Film and Theater.

Georgia Nativ, whose easy-to-run, impressive and handsome appearance plays an important role in films like “Smoky and The Daddy” and “Boogie Knights”, suffer from a heart attack, Isner said.

To play the role of director David Dudele in the film “Striptease” of 1996, he was very popular for his comedic legend from the heart of the South to the curious people.

He said, “I have been working as an actor for 60 years, I have to be something.”

Correction: This article is a previous version of Reynolds who gave birth to wrong years. This story has been updated.

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